Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Social Media in Action

Many people want to feel connected. In today’s fact paced world, many people may feel left out. With the Internet, online communities and forums makes communication a lot easier than before. Many thing that were previously not possible is now a reality and many people can be connected like never before.

Enabled through different platforms such as media sharing, blogs and forums, communities are formed where people can meet, organize and collaborate in an unprecedented fashion.

In today’s Social Media landscape, it is important for most companies to get on the Social Media as people will talk about the companies regardless whether it is on Social Media or not.

If these companies have a blog, Twitter account or Facebook page, their customer can engage with them if any issues arises, otherwise these customers may just start blogging about the problems they face. More often, when other customers read about these complains, they tend to add in their own comments, and sometimes their feelings and opinions.

With more people joining in the conversation of “bashing” a company, it can easily snowball into a crisis. If the company had a blog or some other mediums where their customer could contact them, at least, the customer would attempt to get a response, as most of the time, when a customer has a problem, they want it resolved rather than complain about it.

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