Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How to get more engagement on social media

Understanding psychology does has its benefits. Understanding psychological principles of human behavior can benefit you in social media marketing.

Children's Curiosity.

Have you heard a kid asking, "Why ... ?"

"Why do things work the way they do?"

Young Children do not lie. They will continue to probe until they get a good answer.

However, adults think it too, even if they do not voice it out.


Have you watched a political debate and gotten frustrated by the politicians dodging direct questions?

How do you feel? Do you get frustrated?

This is the same when you engage in social media and do not give a satisfying answer. People do get frustrated and you will lose your audience. However, when you answer in full clear details, you may start to build loyal followers.



1) You need to do your research. There are many sites like Yahoo Answers, Quora and various forums on Linkedin and other technical sites which hold the answers, and you can find it using your favorite search engine.

Of course you will get a lot of answers, and some of them will be good while others rubbish. This is the problem with search engines today, and it they could give you what you want perfectly, then your social media engagement would not be required.

So to add value, you need to sift through the various answers, get a good understand of the topic itself, and add in your own knowledge. When you are ready, answer it on your own website. (or blog)

2) Now, you need to find the best way to answer them. Getting all the research materials, curating the content, putting together is a well organized fashion is key.

Simple is better. Avoid using too many technical terms, and edit over to make sure it reads well. To do that well, you need to ask yourself some questions.

a) How long is it going to be? (Short answer? Video? Blog? )
b) Which is the best format? (Video? Infographic? Text?) *Visual is always best
c) Determine how you are going to present it. (pdf for download, blog, answer on quora)

3) With a good reply, think of how you can retain the audience. Perhaps give them more information, a video and other links if they join your mailing list? Have a good idea of up-selling and giving more, even if they do not pay for more, having the option to contact them next time would be a bonus.

4) Gift Economy.

Free things can come at a price. Blogs, infographics, videos full of information and data, organized in a clear and brief manner is great value for people. If they get it for free, they may follow your blog, twitter account and join your mailing list.

When a waiter gives you attention and fulfills all your requests, answers all your question and offers you a free mint at the end, would you give the waiter extra tip? They are after all doing their job.

You can apply the same principle to the influencers whom you find their blog useful. Create links to their blogs, share useful tweets and help promote others. Have good meaningful discussions on other blogs with similar topics, and these influencers may do the same as well.

5) Engage with the audience.

When someone asks a question, give a good well thought of reply. (And not those short brief ones) Ask if some of them want to contribute to your blog.

Feel free to post and share blogs on different mediums, Twitter, Facebook pages, forums and other question polling sites. Engage with others on the sites.

The more people see you, the more they will like you.

-- Robin Low

Friday, December 18, 2015

Media and Trump

It seems like for the past few days, all I get to see on the news, on my Facebook and Twitter feeds is about Trump and Star Wars. The more the media sheds attention on Trump, the more ridiculous his campaign speeches become and the more support he gets.

It seems like Donald’s trump campaign is just out to get media attention and no matter what he says, he gets to pick up more supporters. So why does the media give him so much attention?
From a PR point of view, Trump is newsworthy. He is a presidential candidate of one of the bigger party in the United States. He is touching on a lot of controversial topics like immigration and religion. He is also taking on unpopular views, which many considers racist. And now, he is the front runner of the GOP.

As you may know, different media reports do report news with different tone and opinions, but many independent media try to put out facts and the audiences connect the dots. Listening to media on both conservative radio and liberal radio, I realize that many of the programs on the radios are condemning Donald Trump, and some even resort to call him a liar and a racist, yet his reach and support seems to increase.

I realize that even now, as I’m writing this article, I’m doing research and reading more about Donald Trump. And I guess everyone has their own view and opinions, and when facts are presented to different people, they piece this information together and come up with their own conclusion.
So should the media be to provide the truth and help the audience understand the truth, however, when the media tries to explain too much and share one side of the story, it may feel as though it is not a balanced view. But for many of the viewpoints, is there even a balanced view?

With Trump’s aggressive media use and shocking statements, he does get a lot of coverage, and yet, how do you put a balanced opinion on Trump’s call to ban Muslims from travelling to the US. If the media ignores him, he can still reach many others on social media, and when media covers him, does it put the US in a bad light for having so many racist supporters?

Do we not agree on racism? Do we not know what racism is?

It is very clear that our society is fragmented, and our values and ethics differ a lot. On one hand, the statistics show that even with Trump’s stance on Mexicans and Muslims, 36% support him. But this 36% is 36% of the Republican Electoral Support not even 36% Republicans which is the minority of people in the US.

I feel that the media is covering Trump because in today’s digital media world, it is hard to get attention. Will we see Trump as Republican Presidential Candidate? It is hard to tell. Even in the country with free speech, many media don’t call a spade a spade. When Trump lies and does not check facts, it is the responsibility for the media to inform and call him out, and not to mislead.
Even when the role of media is not to protect and censor out all the racist comments, the role of media is to inform – to uncover the truth as best as it can and to put it together in a way that the audience can understand the truth, without opinions, without name calling.

-- Robin Low

Friday, April 17, 2015

Online rants turned Sedition

Amos Yee is now a know person in Singapore. His online rant on Youtube is treated by the government as Sedition, even though he was 16 years old and there was actually not much of an audience until the media decide to pick it up and make it popular.

Primarily, his rant was targeted at the late Lee Kuan Yew, and as many may know this proves to be very unpopular and there were several individuals, including a grassroots leader of the PAP threatening to cut off the boy's Penis.

Most of the time, it is State media that flamed the flames towards Amos and publicized his video. Because Amos cannot be charged saying bad things about a dead person, He was charged under sedition act, because his video contained a rant against Christians as well.

I do not believe that the use of sedition law in this case is justified. It seems to be politically motivated, even towards this 16 year old seeking attention, who is obviously no threat.

In law, sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that is deemed by the legal authority to tend toward insurrection against the established order. Sedition often includes subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontent (or resistance) to lawful authority.

Clearly, on Digital Media, the laws are still relatively new and this will set precedence and if Amos is convicted, the Sedition Act seems to be able to clamp down on any dissent online.

I've asked many Christians about the incident, and even after watching the video, they do not really feel offended, and agreed that the boy needed help. For those that felt offended, a lot of them were supporters of LKY who have not viewed the video and were all up in arms about prosecuting the 16 year old.

After engaging with 16 year olds, I realized that swearing and rebellious nature was a common thing. This has of coursed because more serious than it should and Amos may need some punishment, but clearly, this is not Sedition.

However, the Straitstimes is also used to stir up negative emotions towards the boy as "31 March that Amos’s mother, Mrs Mary, filed a police report on her son." However she did not. They painted a picture of this uncontrollable boy which must be stopped.

I would say people need to take a lot less offense of what's going on online. If you think the title offends you, why click on it and get angry?

-- Robin Low

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mouse & Mountain Dew Experiment

Can you find a mouse in a can of Mountain Dew?

A man found a mouse in a can of Mountain Dew? Is it possible?

Well some people are crazy enough to do the test in the video above.

Do you have more videos to test things you read online?

Please share with us.

-- Robin Low