Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Google+ - Will it be successful?

I've seen the way Google+ integrates with your Gmail, and your Google searches when you are logged in. I must say, it seems pretty well thought of and well executed.

Comparing it to Twitter, Google+ has some similarities as you can follow famous people like Mark Zuckerberg or even Family Guy and add them to your circle! Google+ does not allow you to play social games like Twitter.

Comparing it to Facebook, Google+ allows you to post photos, share messages to specific groups of friends (in your circles) It allows you to share links and of course, spammers selling links for $$

SEO Shop Puts 50 Google +1s on Sale for Just $9.99

I think with Chrome browser, there is a lot that can be done to make Google+ better than Facebook and Twitter. As suggested by my friend Charlie, there are a few features on Google Wave that were very useful.

When people started a conversation, you can simply add others in and join the conversation instantly. You can sort of do this with circles but it is just different. I'm not sure if Google is going to add that feature as I feel it is very inclusive and it allows others to add friends that might further the conversation, enhancing the collaboration.

One important thing to note. Google+ is available in China! Though reported that it is very slow, the availability may make Google+ take off as it does make the world a smaller place for conversations to happen.

I would like to see more for Google+. Companies should be allowed to have Google+ profiles as certain companies have supporters that want to hear what the company have to say, like on Twitter. Today, as Google+ is still in beta, only a few companies are allowed to have Google+ profiles.

Will Google+ be successful or terminated like Google Wave? It looks as though Google may have finally got the Social Network right, but it is still too early to know.

-- Robin Low

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Google+ Revisited

As the days go by, I start to notice my Gmail connecting more with my Google+. As I already check Facebook daily, this little subtle notification is great as it notifies me when something happens to my Google+.

Not only when it tells me what the notification actually is, you can check it out on Google+ with just one click. (Click on "View All")

If you get a notification like someone adding you to their Google+ Circle, you get to see each notification and check it out by clicking on the little arrow on the notification that catches your attention, and check on other notifications by clicking on "newer" or "older"

You can even update your Google+ status on Gmail itself!

Just click on the "Share" tab.

I find myself using Google+ more because of this Gmail integration. I think this integration clearly makes me visit Google+ more.

Here is my profile, perhaps we can know each other better too!


-- Robin Low

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tips and information on Google+

After trying out Google+ for a little more than 2 weeks, I'm starting to get the hang of it.

First Look at Google+ (G+)

Design: It looks and feels like a Google product, all white and clean looking. Even the Google+ application looks clean.

Usability: Google+ is not like Google Wave, filled with tons of things you can do. Its essentially simple and clean. Here are the following features:

For Mobile + Web
- Home (Stream) - Nothing new, like Facebook news Feeds.

- Huddle - Huddle is basically a group-texting feature for the Circles you create.

- Photo - The photo editor is essentially Facebook photos but with a photo editor. It’s quick and well-organized, making it a welcome addition to Google+.

- Profile - Google+ Profiles essentially port the existing data on your Google Profile. Nothing new here.

- Circles - Much easier to use than Facebook friend list or Twitter lists. Drag and drop feature is fantastic!

- Notifications - Tells you updates which may concern you. Similar to Facebook Updates.

Web only

- Hangouts - Hangouts is one of the more innovative concepts of Google+, it’s a cool approach to getting users to accept group video chat. The camera switching feature (it changes who’s on camera based on who’s talking) is far superior to having multiple video feeds open at the same time. That said, it will require users checking their Google+ streams every day for potential chats to join. This is indeed better the Skype!

- Sparks - Google created a recommendation engine! It’s designed to augment Google+, and if it works as Google designed it, it will create winners and losers in the publishing world, making Google +1 buttons actually matter.


Google is opening invites to more people, I was able to use the different features more.

What I like about Google+

Circles: The drag and drop feature using HTML5 is indeed great and user friendly. Instead of mass conversations happening, Google puts the communication back in the different overlapping circle of friends.

It makes a lot of sharing more relevant and targeted, and your friends will feel less "spammed" as the information is more relevant to them.

Hangout: The video chat thing is indeed awesome. Its what I've been wanting on Skype, and I was surprised that Google actually came out with it first. It will be a killer app if there is critical mass, but I feel that it might become a novelty as I've done 2 great chats, and could not get friends to "Hang out" even with 100+ friends.

Spark: Content discovery through the "+1" is a very cool thing. Just like Facebook Likes, but for Google, it can recommend you things as well as you log in your Google Profile and use the search.


Will Google+ make way for more spam emails?

I feel that with Google+, certain information for Chain emails can be just shared with Google+. Now, with your GMAIL, you can share content from your emails directly!

I think this is a step up from the chain emails and mass mails which get deleted or filtered most of the time. Hopefully, marketers can use this to share information with people, and not use the mass mailing. Since people are already sharing information on Facebook, I think eventually, we may get less spam email, and hopefully "relevant" information on our G+ streams.

This way, instead of email marketing, with G+, it may now become social media sharing, and as people can be segmented in different groups, this may make the information you share more targeted and hopefully, getting more views.


So if you have read about the exciting features, but have not started to use G+, here are a few tips to get started:

1) Start by finding people you know
2) Then find people you don't know. (Simply type their names in the "Find People" box and you can follow these famous people.
3) Get your circles organized. (Segment your friends, overlap is ok)
4) Fill in your Google Profile
5) Follow some folks from Google?
6) Comment and interact with the interesting content.
7) Set up Sparks. (Will help you get interesting content you like)
8) Join Hangouts
9) Check out Suggestions, add them to different circles as you wish.
10) View the different stream and circles to get different content.
11) Create a GPlus account (go to gplus.to)
12) Invite friends and family.

I hope you find this information useful, if you find more uses and cool things about Google+, feel free to contact me or add me to your Google+ (http://gplus.to/robinlow)

-- Robin Low

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Google+ for non US members

Is there Google+ for non US members?

Many people have Google+ accounts.

But there is no Google+ App in the App Market for non US members outside US.

So what can you do?

I've asked around and managed to have friends recommend me to this thread.

XDA member sacredsoul posted the solution for you. Developed under the codename Emerald Sea, Google+ is basically Google’s latest attempt at creating a social network, each Google+ profile will center around the Stream, which is essentially the same thing as Facebook’s news feed – where all of your info and updates from your chums are rounded up and constantly updated. The Stream will be joined by four core elements – Circles, Hangouts, Huddle and Sparks.

Just click on his link in the message ->here<-.

Show some thanks!

Not there is Google+ for non US members!

-- Robin Low