Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Google+ - Will it be successful?

I've seen the way Google+ integrates with your Gmail, and your Google searches when you are logged in. I must say, it seems pretty well thought of and well executed.

Comparing it to Twitter, Google+ has some similarities as you can follow famous people like Mark Zuckerberg or even Family Guy and add them to your circle! Google+ does not allow you to play social games like Twitter.

Comparing it to Facebook, Google+ allows you to post photos, share messages to specific groups of friends (in your circles) It allows you to share links and of course, spammers selling links for $$

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I think with Chrome browser, there is a lot that can be done to make Google+ better than Facebook and Twitter. As suggested by my friend Charlie, there are a few features on Google Wave that were very useful.

When people started a conversation, you can simply add others in and join the conversation instantly. You can sort of do this with circles but it is just different. I'm not sure if Google is going to add that feature as I feel it is very inclusive and it allows others to add friends that might further the conversation, enhancing the collaboration.

One important thing to note. Google+ is available in China! Though reported that it is very slow, the availability may make Google+ take off as it does make the world a smaller place for conversations to happen.

I would like to see more for Google+. Companies should be allowed to have Google+ profiles as certain companies have supporters that want to hear what the company have to say, like on Twitter. Today, as Google+ is still in beta, only a few companies are allowed to have Google+ profiles.

Will Google+ be successful or terminated like Google Wave? It looks as though Google may have finally got the Social Network right, but it is still too early to know.

-- Robin Low

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