Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weird & funny searches

I found this interesting site, and the searches is simple hilarious!


You are not popular until people wonder if you have Herpes

Seems like a lot of women do these searches.

Does Speam whiten teeth!! LOL

Wonder if a lot of people met Jesus with a tattoo...

Urban Legend alert!

Albino, people want to know more...

Women that think about this are simply gross!


Fat people are searching ...

Sounds like a conservative republican would search this.

WTF!! I guess they search the North American kind of Indian more

Do Insects Fart??

Haha... U mean Mexicans do not have Valentine?

Must have played too much D&D


Do blind people see dream??

I guess people are weird!

-- Robin Low

Sunday, February 20, 2011

RedCross Twitter Disaster and Recovery.

A few days ago, @RedCross sent out a rogue tweet accidentally, and the American Red Cross has to do its own disaster recovery to disarm a potentially embarrassing Tweet.

Gloria Huang blamed the gaffe on her lack of facility with Hootsuite — the message was meant for her private account.

Red Cross took the tweet down. While some blogs picked up the initial tweet, the Red Cross averted a PR crisis with the following good-humored tweet which acknowledged the mistake:

Dogfish Head, has also acknowledged the incident by asking fans to donate to the Red Cross.

The whole crisis which may have blown into a bigger crisis was acted on quickly, and done so with a tad of humor. It was a pretty good recovery, and Red Cross recovered nicely.

-- Robin Low

Monday, February 14, 2011

Quora -- New Personal Branding Tool

There are more and more people getting on Quora.

Just like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, Quora allows you to network and engage with other people.

If you’re really serious about personal branding, you might even have your own Facebook Page, Twitter account and LinkedIn Profile. Where else can you build your personal profile and showcase your expertise?

Quora is the online question and answer community that can be added to the list of social media tools you can use.

To use Quora effectively, Mashable has some tips for you to increase your visibility. 12 Ways to Use Quora For Your Job Search

Check it out, it is now getting a lot of attention, and indeed, it can answer a lot of your questions.

-- Robin Low

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The changing phase of mobile devices.

As portable devices such as mobile phones, tablets and notebooks become more popular, companies need to watch for the trends now when deciding on the platforms to engage their customers

Gartner: Android smartphone sales surged 888.8% in 2010

Manufacturers shipped 67.2 million Android smartphones last year, up from 6.8 million in 2009. That works out to an average 184,000 Android smartphones sold per day. By comparison, Apple sold an average 127,000 iOS smartphones a day, or 46.6 million for the year.

Previously, Apple, once thought to be a dominant iOS for smartphones has now lost his growth compared the the explosive growth of Android smartphones.

In an earlier note, Nokia must change or be 'burned alive', says chief executive Stephen Elop it is clear that Nokia has lost its edge on the mobile phone market.

So how does this affect your business?

1) Applications.
If you are interested in creating apps for your clients, Android is now a very promising platform, more so than iOS. You can almost ignore Symbian development platform.

2) Mobility.
When more people have 3G enabled devices, they are able to go online on the move. It means there are more people you can engage around the clock on social networks if you engage them properly.

3) Information.
With the increase in 3G users and information at their fingertips, it is harder for a "sale" to sell things which is not as good. Customers have all the information at their fingertips to compare prices and talk about your company. It is important to watch what the public is saying and react and adjust to the responses.

4) Location based apps.
With more GPS enabled phones sold, there are more opportunities to leverage on apps like Foursquare and Gowalla to promote your business. The number of users is growing and watch what your competitors are doing or offering.

-- Robin Low