Tuesday, August 26, 2014

“I’ve decided to stop wearing underwear” Facebook Update Explained

Don't be confused when you see a lot of friends suddenly stop wearing underwear (on Facebook)

It’s a 2014 Breast Cancer Awareness game and you will get caught up in it if you liked or commented on your friend’s Facebook status. If you haven’t been tricked into it already, here’s what you can accept the second you respond to the status!

A message that reads as such:
LOL, you should not have liked or commented!!!! Now you have to pick one from these below and post it to your status. This is THE 2014 BREAST CANCER AWARENESS game. Don’t be a spoilsport, pick your poison from one of these and change your status, 1) Damn diarrhoea 2) Just used my boobs to get out of a speeding ticket 3) Anyone have a tampon, I’m out 4) How do you get rid of foot fungus? 5) Why is nobody around when I’m horny? 6) No toilet paper, goodbye socks. 7) Someone has offered me a job as a prostitute but I’m hesitant. 8) I think I’m in love with someone, what should I do? 9) I’ve decided to stop wearing underwear. 10) It’s confirmed, I’m going to be a Mummy/Daddy! 11) just won £900 on a scratch card 12) I’ve just found out I’ve been cheated on for the last 5 months. Post with no explanations. So sorry I fell for it too!!!!! Looking forward to your post Ha ha.

Haha, it might be funny, but when too many people do not get it, it may quickly stop being funny. Well now you know what's going on.

If you have been pranked, now at least you know why...

-- Robin Low

Friday, August 15, 2014

How to turn off video autoplay on Facebook

Have you noticed that on some browsers, your surfing speeds become reduced once you are on Facebook? As some people may have a limited mobile plan, Facebook actually autoplay videos for you.

To turn it off, the most straight forward way is to go here.

Don't worry if you do not have the tab. If you don't, it means autoplay does not happen for you.


Remember, on your mobile phones, there is also an autoplay setting which you need to turn off.

For Apple products go to iOS settings, not Facebook. Scroll down to under app settings and then click Facebook. Click settings. 2nd section down there is choice for autoplay. Click it and change to off.

For Android, go to Facebook, click on settings. Scroll down to under app settings (Not Account settings)
Click on a section on Video-Autoplay and click it and change to off.

-- Robin Low