Thursday, September 3, 2009

Reasons to use Twitter

Networking - You can find all sorts of people – both locally and internationally on twitter, and following the right group of people, and allowing people to follow you, can allow you to build up a strong network of people that share similar interests. On Twitter, you can NETWORK and NETWORK FAST. You can sometimes rely on the expertise of these people and as they come from varied backgrounds, having these people in your network is definitely great if you need to seek advice on a topic you do not understand. Networks – Social media allows networks that share common interests to form and communicate effectively and quickly.

Updated news – Speed of news on twitter almost unbelievable. Being on twitter, the news show up real time and unlike restricted by news source, the current events you get from twitter is varied and may give you a very balanced or skewed views on a certain topic. Real time Connectivity – Social media thrives on connecting people, allowing people to share their experiences on the web and add their comments and links to related topics.

Relationships - Updating your status or what you are doing can allow you to stay connected with your network and friends. Reading about your friend's tweets about their updates allows you to continuously remain in touch with the ground despite your physical presence may not be there. You can also bridge and foster new relationships wirelessly and effortlessly.

Information - You definitely get a lot of information on twitter –even learn something new. News on “Google failing to buy twitter”, and “Apple buying twitter”, information on how to pick mangoes, and movie reviews. You can find almost everything on twitter. What is even better is that you can post a question or poll to your followers and get instant feedback on them. Direct responses makes twitter a very attractive tool for many.

Entertainment – People are attracted to twitter for all kinds of reasons and the most important of them all is… fun. There are tons of quotes, jokes and funny picture or video links. Endless entertainment on twitter. You can also follow celebrities and know what they are doing or are planning to do.

Alerts on Upcoming Events - Twitter acts as a platform for many social groups, organizations and businesses to promote upcoming events in particular seminars and big parties. You might even get to meet your followers at those events.

Talk to someone - If you’re down or need someone to talk to, Twitter might well be what you need. No matter what time it is, there will always be someone, somewhere in the world who is awake and ready to hear you out.

Share emotions or “off your mind thoughts” - Just got a new gadget and can’t wait to show it off? Met the most unreasonable shop assistant and need somewhere to vent your frustrations? Got some sort of enlightenment on the train and just need to share it? In 140 characters each time, you can do all that. Share your “at the moment” emotions and thoughts on Twitter.

Job Search - In this financial crisis, Twitter transform itself into a new source where you can find a job, attracting a new group of previously non-social media savvy users to join the network. Simply do a #Jobs or #Job search with #location for more specific jobs.

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