Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Facebook makes money, tops 300 million users

Facebook makes money, tops 300 million users

For those who still doubt the effectiveness of social media in reaching out to people, this is just in. Well 300 million people is not that much people to some, however, it is the largest Social Networking site, and its success means it is here to stay.

Facebook is now generating enough cash to cover its operating expenses, as well as the capital spending needed to maintain its fast-growing service.

From operating out of a dorm room 5 years ago, Facebook is increasingly challenging the Web's established powerhouses like Yahoo Inc and Google Inc.

Well, Facebook offers a lot of services, and individuals and companies can definitely benefit from the services. It creates networking opportunities in the form of groups, and helps you connect with your old friends and lost friends.

For companies, Facebook is a platform which allows the companies to show their capabilities, services and products, and allow the users to come in and comment, as a free feedback channel. Organizing events reaching out to fans is much easier as well.

I would like to congratulate Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg for the success of Facebook and the success to come.

--Robin Low

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