Friday, September 25, 2009

Insight and tips on Facebook.

Facebook is not easy to understand as there is constant innovation and changes done all the time, to leverage on it, you need to understand it.

Remember, in Social Media, most successful campaigns are word of mouth campaigns. Facebook is one of the most impressive user acquisition channels on the Internet and most users spend more than 20 minutes per visit. Even when it is almost impossible to broadcast to everyone on Facebook at the same time, there is nothing preventing you from trying to reach out to everyone relevant to your business.
In addition to your personally-defined set of social graph connections, you also have a set of connections defined by your participation in Networks, Groups, and Events. A Network is a group of people that are part of a common workplace, geographical location, or a school. This is a formal affiliation as defined or approved by Facebook, and typically you need to have an email address to participate. A Group is a collection of people similar to a Network, except it’s user-defined and members can be selected, invited, or simply join to participate. An Event is a time- and or location-specific occurrence, that also may have a collection of associated individuals who have RSVP to attend.

On Facebook, you should simply look at simply conduct activities that would engage your fans.

The aim of Facebook fan page is to celebrate your customers, provide them a place to interact and spread your brand to their friends.

As a social media platform, “selling and offers” are frowned upon like spam, and will become a big turn off for many people.

Cleverly sculpted messages which include these information can sometimes be seen as informative and it is essential that your fan page provide more valuable than your sales pitch.

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