Monday, September 28, 2009

Elements of a successful twitter account

Everyone and their cat are now on twitter. This makes twitter a very affective tool for communication, networking, broadcasting and marketing.

Be Yourself. People don’t do business with business cards, they do business with people. This is your chance to put your personality in front of an audience, and create a lasting and positive first impression.

Relationship. If you are following people, start chat, reply to them if they are asking for information you know. Great way to be noticed is to chat and build relationships. If people follow you, follow them back.

Value. Give people value, let people learn things from your tweet relevant to them. Having clear themes can help getting focused messages out and having targeted followers promotes re-tweets.

Clear language. Think before you tweet, provide good tweets, labeling your links, use #hashtags and CAPS to emphasize on topics to help readability.

-- Robin Low

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