Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Trends summary for 2011

After going through some blogs, here are a few trends which I agree.

# Social Media going from local to global with big brands, not just national or local campaigns, but companies like Ford or Starbucks launching global Social Media campaigns.

# Social integration to old websites making them ´hip´ again, breathing new life to old portals and sites, making them information centrals for all information and profiles over the web and especially Social Media.

# Location based apps will play a bigger role

# Social CRM and Business Intelligence will be catching wind. Salesforce, Oracle and SAP will surely blow the horn for everyone to understand the importance of the social aspects in their tools, and the trend for using Social Media in general to support activities and decision making will increase fast. The importance of identifying influencers also grows as taking advantage of influencers and trends in business is growing.

# more companies will hire community managers

# Social recruiting going big – it´s been talked about for ages now, but finally in 2011 even the small companies enter Social Media to find new and better applicants, and to attract the passive resource pool. Many companies have used LinkedIn for years, Twitter has been used now by many in 2010, and the early adopters have entered Facebook.

# Social commerce will play a big role in influencing customers.

# Social Media metrics and analysis tools are becoming popular. There´s been a lot of talk about Social Media ROI, and the general need for metrics and analysis is now critical for many. However, users who are currently using tools will get more complex and leverage it for more than analysis purposes.

# Usage of social media for personal branding will be on the rise as more people realize the value.

# Social media will be integrated into businesses for forward looking companies. It will not be a stand alone department as more companies will find more effective ways to use social media to add value to their company.

-- Robin Low

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