Monday, January 31, 2011

Leaping your business into the next level

The year of the rabbit is coming, and here are some examples which company are leaping into social media.

Samsung Bunny Jigsaw Game

To usher in the year of the Rabbit, let’s see how good you are at recognizing bunny species. The quicker you are at guessing the right species, the closer you are to winning. Our first 3 puzzle pieces are already out! Hop over to the Bunny Jigsaw Game now!

Beside the jigsaw puzzle, Samsung seems to have many bunny related interactions with fans.

Well, rabbit year aside, many companies are hopping on with more than just a broadcast like campaign. Here are some that I came across recently that engage with their fans more than just the "like" button on Facebook.

Inciting a Fan Mob: Skittles

Mob the Rainbow” is an ongoing social media program developed for Skittles by EVB that gives fans the opportunity to “mob” together to cause a fun or quirky outcome. For example, in the first campaign, called “Valentine the Rainbow,” Skittles asked its “Mob” to send a Valentine to an unsuspecting parking enforcement officer who was deserving of some love. Over 45,000 people joined the Mob and elected to attend the event. Cards were delivered to the stunned meter maid on Valentine’s Day by a Skittles Mob “representative” dressed in a cupid costume and driving a Skittles van. Video captured at the event was then re-broadcast back to the audience through a “Mob the Rainbow” tab on the brand’s Facebook Page.
In a subsequent campaign, Skittles mobilized the troops to send a student to bowling college. For “Scholarship the Rainbow,” Skittles told the mob that it would require 100,000 Likes to generate a $10,000 scholarship. Within a week, Skittles had received 150,000 Likes, and young James Fulp was on his way to bowling college.
The program has been a huge success: in the six months following the launch of Mob the Rainbow, the Skittles fan base has quadrupled to more than 14 million fans.

Mob Case Study from Daniel Stein on Vimeo.

Always remember, the Internet allows 2 way communication, and today, successful companies are moving away from just getting the attention of their fans -- they are engaging their fans to spread positive word of mouth, and turning fans into evangelists.

HOW TO: Engage and Mobilize Facebook Fans Beyond the “Like” There are many companies that are becoming leaders in this space, and in the coming rabbit year ahead, are you ready to leap forward and make the change?

-- Robin Low

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