Thursday, January 13, 2011

Social Media Professional Certification Program

I often hear companies and large corporations eager to get on social media. Many companies outsource without understanding how much it takes to run a social media campaign.

Often outsourcing is not the answer as most successful, social media has many aspects which is not limited to marketing or corporate communications. And before you outsource anything, it is best you understand what is involved.

Aventis Social Media Marketing Professional Certification program

With today's consumers on social media, it is important that most businesses understand social media, engage the market and connect with their customers. Well using free social network tools to connect and spread awareness always sounds good, and knowing how to do it properly is a skill most companies need to acquire sooner or later.

Come join us on 27 & 28 Jan (Thur & Friday) 2011 in Singapore and attend this course and get certified!

-- Robin Low

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