Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Today, the way people consume media has changed greatly. People can consume news from various different mediums and the information we get are getting faster.
News no longer just happen once a day. News does not wait a week for the PR team to come out with a good angle. The timetable is gone, if you don’t react to real time, the story will move on without you.

Social media becomes a source for News. People take picture and tell stories, and sometimes stories break from non-reporters. News covers stories from blogs, and videos that become popular, incidents which people care about, and conversely, people share news as well. This cycle repeats itself, and spreads further and faster than it ever did before.

News is being consumed differently, with tablet devices and other 3G devices, people get their books, news and other medium on the go, not just from physical prints and from their computers. Print circulation is down but online and application subscription on 3G devices is on the rise. Traditional advertising is on a steep decline but digital advertising is on a sharp rise.

-- Robin Low

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