Thursday, October 7, 2010

Cebu Pacific Dance pays off, video gone viral

Cebu Pacific Air has plans to have more airlines featuring the dancing flight attendants.

Their Youtube Video has about 8 million viewers and growing.

The video shows the flight attendants dancing in the A-320 cabin while demonstrating the use of life jackets, oxygen masks and safety belts.

Cebu Pacific has explained that the flight attendants were not forced to dance. They actually “volunteered” and “enjoyed” the dance performance. They also clarified that the formal safety instructions required by Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) was not replaced by the dance routine.

The CAAP believes that the stunt was a promotional and marketing gimmick that has violated international safety standards. It has since initiated an investigation. CAAP already talked to Cebu Pacific officials about their plans of deploying inspectors to watch the dancing flight attendants live.

Still more Cebu Pacific flights will have dancing flight attendants.

If they watched the video
Does it create awareness? -- YES
Do people want to fly Cebu Pacific if it is comparable to other flights? -- YES

I would say that their gamble was indeed a success!

Good job Cebu Pacific!

-- Robin Low

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