Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Twitter... A better medium for marketing?

With New Twitter, I feel that more people will start using twitter at

New Twitter has a split-screen and view pane that lets users share video and photos from at least 16 different media providers like Flickr, YouTube, and TwitPic. This new enhancement probably made Twitter on par at least with Facebook where embedded links with videos and photos can be seen.

I feel however, many people follow a lot more people and brands than their friends. Compared to Facebook, I follow a lot more people on Twitter and I have a lot more followers. Twitter allows me to network, and network FAST! Although Facebook pages may be like twitter, I usually go to Facebook just to read updates and interact with friends, and when I'm on twitter, I sometimes search hashtags and other interesting keywords. I also follow a lot of people, and if I read interesting things, I RT.

Recently, in an article on Yahoo by PCWorld, "Twitter Crushes Facebook For Marketing" According to a study by SocialTwist, Twitter seemed to be a far superior marketing tool compared to Facebook.

There are a few interesting points made by the article and I would like to add that for successful Facebook pages, the threaded conversations started by fans are simply priceless, and a great way to collect CRM data.

-- Robin Low

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