Friday, November 4, 2011

The Internet Trololo

When I am calling for accountability and transparency, or when I voice that I do not agree with certain government policies, I am called names.

When I agree with some of the policies of the government, or when I think certain corporation should be given a chance or the demands of people online are unreasonable, I get called this.

But this is the Internet. Trololo lives in the Internet. I love the Internet as I can find a diverse set of opinions, some of which I agree with. Some may call it the Wild west, and some people hide behind their annoymous veils, however, I feel that to be credible and build trust, most people online use their REAL identities. I would not bother explaining or arguing with an online Troll, just out there to seek controversies for the sake of an argument.

As for large organizations or the government, engaging with the public online -- taking in the good and the bad -- is just part of the job. Learning about the concerns of the people should be an important part of decision making and perhaps before making an unpopular decision, some explanation on the reason would be good. Yes, it does take more effort, but you gain more supporters in the end, it is branding, and it is for the long run.

-- Robin Low

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