Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Increasing visibility on Social Media

I've often been questioned by companies who were using social media, but simply failing to yield any success or even views, and I'm going to share some general tips on increasing visibility on the various platforms.

1) Tags.

On of the main reasons why people can't find your pictures or videos is "not tagging". On YouTube, and Flickr, a good description with the right keywords and catchy title of the video or image makes a big difference.

2) Hashtags.

On Twitter, I find that many people actually search hashtags for topics they are interested in, and it does help gain visibility. Furthermore, hashtags sort of make the tweet stand out in the newsfeeds and lets people know the focus of the tweet. An great #Example will be this.


I've found this method very useful on Facebook and Twitter. By sharing information on Facebook or Twitter, the inclusion of capital letters to emphasize the USEFULNESS and READABILITY is very useful, and it does increase the chances of your link attached getting clicked on.

4) RT and Share information

Not all information you post need to be from your business. People tend to follow you on Twitter or Facebook because you are giving value. If there are good articles or information that you think your fans or follower would like to know, just share it.

5) Start discussion with influential people on Facebook and Twitter.

The conversations which should add to the discussion will let others know how interesting you are and hopefully win some followers.

6) Create a business Page on Facebook and Google+

Profiles on Facebook have a 5000 friend limit and Pages does allow you to see engagement data. Same thing on Google+. Adding fans into your circles can help expand the reach of your content.

7) Tag others in your post on Google+, Facebook and Twitter

It not only points their attention to your post, you may get more engagement when they respond.

8) Ask questions to try to get response.

Social media is 2 way engagement. Look at ways to generate a response from your fans or followers. Interact and engage in meaningful conversations.

9) Answer questions you know the answer of.

On your feeds, if you know the answer of something, just be helpful and answer it. It can happen on Twitter, simply by searching relevant terms used in your industry, on Quora by looking for questions you know answers of, and on LinkedIn Answers -- be friendly and helpful by answering questions.

10) Provide value (or free stuff)

Give people a reason why they should follow your business. If could be updated news, tips or even a free ebook a month, etc.

I hope these tips work.

There is also another  article from Hubspot which I find interesting and relevant. -> 20-ways-to-increase-content-visibility

I hope this is helpful. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @dmediaacademy

-- Robin Low


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  2. in the long run yes.

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