Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New engagement for the future.

MICA’s new agendum for cyber control?

It seems like Singapore is a very progressive country, trying to be #1 in a lot of things. It has achieved a lot in the past, but the government's need to control conversations and all forms of media.

I feel that for Singapore’s online environment, open public engagement is key. Trying to control conversation, censorship and other forms of heavy handed legislation will often fail or see even more negative results.

People can always use faux identities and with different groups seeding false information as legislation causes paranoia. Transparency should be encouraged, and this can only be done if the government is willing to be transparent.

Training on Internet safety should be replaced with personal branding, and users should understand that it is more important for them to engage with a real identity to build credibility. Many forward thinking organizations are crowdsourcing for ideas and -- solutions, why should the government not follow these good examples.

-- Robin Low

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