Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Social Media Talk at NUS

I gave a Social Media talk at NUS Today on Social Media: Digital Footprints and how to manage them. And the folks at the School of Computing were very helpful to help me host this event.

I would like to thank Ho Kok Wei Daniel, President of NUS Students' Computing Club and the Management Committee for organizing this.

Basically, I shared this slide and informed the students that it is important to maintain a "Professional" digital image, just like a professional image when you go for an interview.

I also talked a little about Personal Branding and Networking and I invited Sarah Chong from Penn-Olson to come give a guest speech on her experience as a student running a very successful and informative blog Penn-Olson

I had a great time, and if the students have any questions and need any help on Social Media, feel free to ask here!

-- Robin Low

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