Friday, February 5, 2010

Managing your Digital Footprint.

Getting a job is like sales, you are selling yourself.

Picture this:

You are the CEO of the company that is YOU.
Your product is YOU.
YOU provide your services.
You need branding and to create a desirable image for people who want to get and use YOU.
You need to create awareness, market and eventually sell the company YOU.

Branding yourself is very important, when you find a job, when you are in a job but want to show your passion and possibly move to another position which you would fit best or even if you own your own company.

Creating a professional image online is important and even when there is nothing bad than can be found online associated with your name, would it be better if there are great things associated to your name?

Social Media has made this a lot easier as your thoughts can be shared in your blog, and your conversations on Twitter can attract a lot of attention as well.

Your activities on Facebook and the discussions you have on your LinkedIn account can also bring you visibility.

Just think of a deck of cards, if you shuffle it and get a prize every time you draw a joker, wouldn't it be nice to add more jokers in the deck if possible?

Managing your digital footprint takes time and effort, but it is very important and essential in today's connected world.

--Robin Low

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  1. Hello

    good stuff but does not tackle all of the issues regarding digital footprints - have a look at which is a free on line book that looks at all the input data and where value can be created

  2. Thanks for the comments, will look at your blog after I register... Thanks for the info