Sunday, January 20, 2013

Shift in Engagement.

Many businesses in Mexico are now shifting their engagement, from Brian Solis's blog, "Touch points open and close whether a customer stands on the stage of awareness, consideration, purchase, or post purchase. It is in those moments that engagement, regardless of source or shape, affects the next steps and impressions of customers."

With customers owning multiple screens, laptops, tablets, TV, smart phones, engaging customers in the journey of decision making process does help a lot as each stage has different needs.

The customer journey management (CJM) is now getting common, and Hotels, Restaurants, Art Galleries, Artists are now not only interested in the social side of engagement, many of them are also thinking of ways of making the decision making process of a product or service more hollistic.

You get to meet, socialize and know more about the businesses you visit, and they are also interested in going further to engage with you online, and sharing information across the different mediums and screens you use.

With such a competitive world, you have to get in the engagement or be obsolete!

-- Robin Low

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