Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Spin Media

On Social Media, you want to engage, sometimes control the message, but not appear like you are trying to spin information your way. It is very easy to find out and more people will be pissed off.

On Aug 29, Dr Tan Cheng Bock was interviewed and he considered himself "outside PAP" and this is what he has to say. "There's definitely a division in the PAP: Tan Cheng Bock"

'There's definitely a division in the PAP,' said Dr Tan at a media conference hours after he lost to Dr Tony Tan by a narrow margin of 0.34 percentage point.

'It is reflected in the votes,' he added, noting that he and Dr Tony Tan scored around 35 per cent of the valid votes.

'We were so close. The PAP split is exactly right down the middle,' he added.

However a few days later, the PAP came out with this article, Outcome of presidential election is 'choice of Singaporeans': Yaacob

Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts, Yaacob Ibrahim highlighted that candidates Dr Tony Tan and Dr Tan Cheng Bock, garnered some 70 per cent of the total votes together in the recent presidential elections.

'I think there is a strong support for the party in that sense. But it is clear that the people were divided...that we were basically having to decide between two very very good candidates,' he said.

From a 0.34% victory to a 70 percent vote? Where did the Minister for Information, Communications get his information and this is how he communicates?

He is trying too hard to spin this, a 0.34% win is a win, and you need to work hard to try to see why 65% of Singaporeans do not like your PAP candidate, and win them over with soft power -- not spin.

This is simply a joke and people on the web can self-organize and have a good laugh.

-- Robin Low

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