Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Singapore Presidential Election

Tan Kin Lian

My election symbol is a raised hand in a speech box. The raised hand represents the people of Singapore and the five fingers symbolises the 5 personal values that I hope will guide our country: Honesty, Fairness, Positive Attitude, Courage and Public Service. The hand is inside a speech box which represents my slogan to be the Voice of the People. The colour of our campaign is Red+White (representing Singapore) and Grey (representing independence from any political party).

His blog is a simple blogspot, looks clean and nice, but not very "savvy"

Tan Cheng Bock

Why I chose the palm tree as my election symbol.
The leaves of the palm represent...s our multiracial society, the trunk represents them coming together, and the roots represents us taking root in Singapore. My Chinese name is 木, so a tree represents my name. My supporter also mentioned that the tall solo tree signifies integrity, independence and transparency.

Mr Tan's blog is a little messy, and his attempts to use "Social media" sees an empty Twitter Feed. This Youtube video dubbed with someone else's voice makes me feel that he is very "fake" The blog does not give me a good feeling at all.

Tan Jee Say

Mr Tan unveiled his campaign symbol, the shape of a heart, which he said stands for conscience and empathy.

Mr Tan's Blog is a very effective wordpress blog which is clean and simple. It looks very nice and not "corporate" and yet all the information is there.

Tony Tan

Here's my symbol, the good old spectacles. ...No one ever ruined his or her eyesight by taking a long term view.

Tony Tan's Blog seemed new, it was not found but he did spend $$ on Google Adwords.
It is professionally made, and definitely feels "Presidential" and "Corporate"


Overall, I like Tan Jee Say's Blog best as it is functional and his logo is the best thus far.

Tony Tan's glasses has so many meanings and I could think of many that are not so positive. His webpage again feels a little last minute and a little too professional and high budget.

Well, it seems that the presidential election is both online and offline, all the best to all the candidates!

-- Robin Low


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