Tuesday, December 14, 2010

There will be no need for resume.

With social media and personal branding, I have known so many people who get jobs through online networking, participating on forums or simply having great informative blogs.

With the power of social media, will we reach a point where a resume is no longer required? By the time the resume is needed, the contract will probably already be signed and the resume may simply be a formality for the HR department to file away.

Just like any superstar or movie stars, your portfolio is public, and everything have done is known to everyone. There will be not much need for a resume. You are your brand!

-- Robin Low


  1. This may be true. Today there are some people who get jobs online. Though there are still some companies which would require you to submit a resume. Some would want you to send it online. There may come a time that a resume would not be needed or at least a hard copy of it. Nowadays, people have blogs for personal branding. They use this so they'd become known to a lot of people. But blogs are public and people should be careful on what they post.

    Natalie Loopbaanadvies

  2. I feel that a resume now is "just for filing" and HR purposes. Sending out resumes is getting very little return, and personal branding really does help in getting visibility, and indeed the wrong use can prevent you from getting a job.