Friday, November 12, 2010

Real Time Marketing

When you think about the World Cup 2010, what do you think of?

I've asked this question to many people around the world the question,
"Who won the world cup in 2010?"
I get the answers, "Holland, Spain... Germany??"

However, when I ask this question,
"Do you know about Paul the Octopus?"
Everyone seem to know about this psychic octopus!

The phenomena of the psychic octopus seemed to catch the attention of hundreds of millions world wide, and before every match, people will search for videos on the octopus and see his prediction.

Just think, if any company had leveraged on this micro trend, just by posting a video of an octopus picking up their company's devices and products over the competitor, and somehow link it to the actual Paul the Octopus videos, the chance of this video going viral is much higher as during that period that span about 10 days, there is a huge trend to search for Paul the Octopus on Google and on Youtube. (getting millions of viewers is not difficult!)

Recently, there is a video of a Bruins Fan kicking a pillar in a toilet at TD Garden in Boston.

This video got viral among many Boston residents as it made it to the news.

Well, as more people are savvy about the concept of real time marketing, riding on the trend of a viral video and leveraging on the popularity to market their brand, and this can be seen by the Bruins video to the fan who vandalized the toilet.

This video reply is well timed, and I do hope it is well viewed by Bruins fans!

Good Job!

-- Robin Low

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