Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Social Media in Singapore

I've noticed social media activities increasing in Singapore. As a social media trainer, I have been getting more requests for training.

A report by ZDnet: S'pore firms top social media adoption has results from a survey done, showing that the number of businesses engaging in social media is much higher that the global average.

After interacting with numerous companies in Singapore on social media, I observed that the larger organizations which are bureaucratic cannot implement social media well as there are still many layers of management for a decision to be made. However, many SMEs are very nimble and with little help, many of them can manage their social media activities well.

I believe the number of users on social media is also on the rise, hence it is imperative for a business to get onto social media. However, there may be pitfalls if it is not managed properly as I've seen many companies still broadcasting offers and ads on social media channels, turning off their fans and followers.

In time, I believe that social media would be just like email today -- a form of communication. However, the early adopters may be much further ahead and gain much more of an edge over the competition.

-- Robin Low


  1. As a fellow Social Media Trainer, I totally agree. Social Media training has gotten very popular recently and company's are very eager to learn about it. Yet as you said, it's hampered by the adoption of the upper management. My company Happy Marketer has had a lot of requests lately from Singapore and from Malaysia about it and I'm sure you've gotten requests too. This is a very good emerging niche market to pursue.

  2. I guess its good business for social media training!