Friday, May 7, 2010

Traditional Twitter via phone

I saw on Twitter Trending Topic,
Bedok MRT

I was a little surprised and read the news on Twitter, "Suicide at Bedok MRT." in Singapore. As I search Twitter, the information was a little garbled, some say 2 girls, and others 1 guy. But all came with the words "Stuck under the train" and "Gore". After doing a little more work, I later got more confirmation and eventually this was about 3 hours after the incident, "Man trapped under MRT train" which did not say much in the story at all.

"TRAINS running eastbound from Eunos to Tanah Merah stations on the East-West Line were disrupted on Friday afternoon after a man was trapped under a train at the Bedok MRT station.

How the incident, which occurred at 1.42pm, happened is still being investigated.

SMRT said that it immediately deployed buses to help stranded passengers at the two stations after the incident.

It is also assisting the Police with investigations into the incident."

I mean it was either an accident, murder or suicide. When people describe it with words, "gore" and "under the train" I don't think the guy survived.

But anyway, I told my mom this and she did her own search by calling her friends and her friends calling other friends. Within minutes, she got a story from a friend. "I was on the train, then I heard a crack sound and screams outside train. we were then ushered out."
-- She actually did a search among her friends and got the result!

She then called some of her friends and others called her about the incident as well.
-- Her network actually RTs

They referenced the incident as #BedokMRT
-- They have Hashtags!

I realized that all the principles you use on twitter is the same as your normal day to day communications. She just showed me that she could do similar viral messages via her house phone.

-- Robin Low

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