Friday, June 29, 2012

Positive Changes in Facebook

There were times where I was not happy with Facebook after the IPO, especially with the Android App... Recently, I've noticed some changed which I really welcomed.

Have you wanted to edit your comment because of spelling mistake or you entered it too fast, but can't do it? Facebook allows you to edit this in the past immediately after posting, but now, you can go back to an "inappropriate post" and edit to make it right.

Now admins of Facebook pages can post as themselves not their brand.

Effectively, you now have a voice! You know, when you like your own post and it looks lame, now you can do it with your personal profile while being the admin of the page!


There is one thing to take note: you need to be aware of what voice you want to use when engaging with your audience. This applies to both posting a new message and replying to a comment. You need to take care of the tone when you represent your brand in the response.

Toggling back and forth can be indeed confusing.

-- Robin Low


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