Sunday, April 8, 2012

Communications have changed

"Respect", "Tolerance" and "Honor" these seemed to be iconic words. In Singapore, I feel that there is no respect for the country, its leaders, or institutions. Many post controversial remarks on forums and chats for no reason other than to provoke an adverse reaction.

The Internet has indeed changed the way people communicate, and there is indeed a big gap between the way large bureaucratic bodies communicate than individuals. In many Asian countries, the government may not be so good at engagement, however, there is also too much noise -- noise generated by the few loud mouths -- which may not represent the vast population.

The problem with too much complains, is always -- negative branding. When an entrepreneur is doing research about Singapore or a tourist is trying to look for more information about news and happenings, these unprovoked shots at the government or the corporation does leave a bad impression, and with the Asian way to addressing the problem -- Censoring -- the root of the problem is not solved.

Many companies now are really interested in genuine engagement, but their policies does not empower them to do so. I hope as social media matures into an important channel of communications, top executives would take the time to understand it more and improve the way the organization engages.

-- Robin Low

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