Sunday, May 8, 2011

SG elections 2011

The Singapore General elections is over and even though there is overwhelming support on social media for the opposition, for most of Singapore, the PAP swept the elections.

Here are a few conclusions that I could come out with:

1) Slacktivism at work -- people click on like without reading as it seems cool to participating in "opposition stuff"

2) People just want to be part of something -- they will vote the incumbent no matter what, the join in social media to participate.

3) Stupid people spoil votes -- When you put "Go home" beside the party who you not want to win, you are actually voting for them.

There was indeed many reasons, and it was an eye opener. With thousands of fans on Facebook, huge crowds during rallies, many opposition parties fail to get more than 45% of votes of Singaporeans.

Everything that they could do online, they did pretty well, and the rallies were fine, and PAP did drop the ball for many replies, and even when they failed to engage the people, they seem to do well at the polls.

Social media is clearly not enough for a party to win in an election.

-- Robin Low

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