Monday, April 5, 2010

Some PR on Digital Media Academy

We are on the news today.

Singapore companies want to get on social media.

SINGAPORE, Apr 5, 2010 – NUS Extension School offers hands on social media course to train executives to leverage on social media for corporate branding. Unlike short workshops that often leave participants at a loss on how to start, full courses will prepare executives, train them to use the most popular social media tools and develop strategies to leverage them for branding.

Many companies are looking for training to participate in social media. Today in Singapore, there are more than 1 million Facebook users and 3 million Internet users -- getting on social media becomes a necessity to stay in pace with competition.

With more than two-thirds of the population in Singapore using the Internet, and with the use of broadband on mobile phones are on the rise, the number of people in Singapore participating in social media will definitely increase.

Web 2.0 tools have empowered users to create content. With Facebook over 400 million users (February 2010), 55 million people on LinkedIn, 75 million people on Twitter, more than 200 million blogs, and with the help of search engines, Internet users can easily find information they need from other users.

Today, consumers are more immune to advertising. There are more channels on radio and television that every before, and less reader reading the ever more selection of printed media. Consumers are bombarded by so much advertising that they are trained to tuned them off and ignore them, making advertisements less and less effective. Consumers are also getting more informed with plenty of global choices available as information can be readily found on the Internet.

“Customer engagement is key in today’s Web 2.0 world.” Robin Low, a Social Media Trainer at NUS Extention says. “The paradigm has shifted from feeding information to facilitating user created content, making information relevant to your customers. And leveraging word of mouth is key to a company’s success.”

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