Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How to get someone to take off pants?

Social Media of course!

Recently, (on January 10th, 2009) Improv Everywhere organized New York’s 8th Annual No Pants. Over 1200 people turned up for this Flash Mob event.

In Boston, the event No Pants day hit the Red-line on Jan 11, 2010 and about 100+ people, including my roommate participated and had lots of fun.

The event is mainly organized through Social Media. On Facebook, there is a group "No Pants Day!" the Boston event is organized by BostonSOS, using Facebook event is rather successful in getting people to take their pants off on a cold winter day.

This event is fun, and with Social Media, even when the event is over, you can still meet people and see photos of the event, and share it with your friends. Most of these events are spread only using word of mouth, and Social Media. I believe this will be a new trend that will start to become more popular.

More information:

AP - No Pants Day in Boston, NY, Denver, Portland, Seattle, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Chicago, and 1000 Other Cities Will Take Off Their Pants

'No Pants Day' Hits Phoenix Light Rail

-- Robin Low

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