Saturday, November 21, 2009

Vlogs; podcasts; wikis

A good way of being “not just a normal blog” is to have video and podcasts from time to time. Furthermore, videos are great way to pull traffic. Getting a video up on YouTube is free, and besides being able to link it back to your blog or your site, you can embed the video in your blog as well, and add some context and comments on your blog to make the video even better.

Anyone who spends some time on the web cannot have failed to notice the new wave of opportunities and to a lesser extent threats. The web is basically being used in different ways to reach out to people of all kinds and it is intriguing the way things are going. It makes the Web look and feel flat. The evolving Internet has led to the continuous fall of the dot com craze and replaced leading to the next generation of web applications. YouTube is a classic example of how the next generation websites have taking over the Internet. It was founded in 2005 and in less than two years Google bought it for a staggering $1.64 billion.

With Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Twitter, Blogs and YouTube, you can expect nothing but a new world of reaching out to people and hence a way of sharing knowledge to both the deprived and people who can afford. This new web experience is what Tim O’Reilly termed as Web 2.0 in 2004. Till today, there has not been a clear definition for this phenomenon that has come to stay until we see the birth of a new one. Because of the complex nature this new phenomenon of sharing knowledge, it became very difficult for everyone else to agree on one definition for Web 2.0.

One of such next generation web applications is Video blogging. Video blogging are just another innovative way of using the blog. Blogs are defined as the published text of an author’s thoughts, with entries displayed in a reverse chronology. Readers can subscribe to it, link to it, post comments and share links.

-- Robin Low

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