Sunday, October 4, 2009

Training of Social Media at Aitken Spence.

Aitken Spence in Sri Lanka was very much into Social Media and giving great customer service, converting customers into agents to spread word of mouth. And to do this effectively, they have contacted Digital Media Academy to provide training at their premises.

They have a very informative Facebook Fan Page (

I was very impressed in their eagerness to help in spreading the information on the interesting travelling locations and tips for Sri Lanka and other places where their hotels are located, and I find their passion in the travel industry and their willingness to share information on travelling, to help the travel industry very encouraging,

Aitken Spence Social Media team is trained on leveraging Facebook, Twitter and Blogs to provide their company as a thought leader and create more awareness on their products and services. By leveraging on their satisfied customers, Aitken Spence hopes to better engage their customers with their accessible channels on Social Media to stay in touch with their customers and provide a more engaging relationship, and hopefully leveraging them for word of mouth.

This strategy has been proven very successful by many leading brands and companies, and being the first to enter fully into the Digital Media Space to engage their customers in a large scale is seldom seen in Asia. I would say that they are probably leaders in the Social Media for the traveling industry, and it would take some time for other companies to catch up with the system.

I'm sure the progress they make in Social Media realm would become a success story and used as a case study for many to follow, and I would love to learn from them their stories of customer satisfaction and engagement which is not seen in any other Hotels in South Asia.

The training was completed and there are many strategies in place to enhance the company's image and branding through the use of Social Media. Though they lost the Cake Challenge in class, for getting less fans than Singapore's favorite cat, they progress a lot since the start of the class and I wish them all the best for their Social Media Endeavors.

Class of Oct 09, at Aitken Spence Hotels in Sri Lanka.

-- Robin Low

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  1. "There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction" - Winston Churchill

    As per above note by Digital Media, Aitken Spence is on adopting change in the right direction to benchmark themselves in Social Media.

    Today Social Media (such as Face Book, Twitter, Blogs...etc) has become a part and parcel of individuals despite their busy life schedules. From one end, these media units have brought many individuals together across the globe by making them in to different clusters based on same interests groups (Networks), hobbys', Causes (Face Book Causes, such as Save Ocean life, Save Tigers...etc)and most importantly by sharing valuable information about places, life styles, latest innovations..etc.

    Social Media is still in it's evolvement stages. Therefore there is a long way that Social Media will go with many more new features, additions, and most importantly by making easy access to many many masses across the globe.

    Therefore the Business success of 21st century will leverage on Social Media too as it has a fruitful and potential future.

    "You must be the change you wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi